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carrie wolfe portrait.jpg

Soli Deo Life Curator


Carrie is  an Artist, Story Teller, Global Art Workshop Consultant, World Traveler, Wife and Mamma. She seeks daily to find authentic and simple ways to live an authentic and simple life, infused with creativity. 

Instagram: @heartnsoulnart


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dave portrait.jpg

Writing Curator


Dave is a writer, editor, publisher, designer, and musician but not a butcher, a baker, or a candlestick maker.His main creative outlet is writing, unless you also count generally creating trouble or possibly making coffee. 

von portrait.jpg

Music Curator


The last 20+ years, Von, has lived on four continents and has visited a few more as an ethnodoxology consultant. But since no one really knows what that is, let’s just say he is a bit of a modern-day bard who loves to see the King of Kings glorified in the beauty of a thoughtful song, the power of a well-spun story, the wonderful sonic textures of "just one more" instrument, and a deep conversation with a fellow creative. 



Twitter: @VonNewcomb

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tom k portrait.jpg

Technology Curator


Tom has a passion to tell cross-cultural spiritual stories and to empower emerging visual storytellers. He has been a filmmaker for more than 30 years, a worship leader at his local church, and loves to mess around with analog photography. He enjoys bringing time-tested storytelling principles to new technologies and audiences. Currently he leads the 10X Productions team developing collaborative productions and training in visual storytelling and media strategies, especially those in cross-cultural settings.



delenne portrait.jpg

Hospitality Curator


If you have found your way to Dellene's home in any one of the four countries she has lived, you will know the light streams out warm and welcoming, the smell of cookies and the sound of laughter is often in the air, and you will have seen that creating beautiful spaces can also be worship. The big question you have to ask yourself is…coffee or tea? 

Instagram: @sunnydellene

mckenzie portrait.jpg

Fine Arts Curator


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