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Invitation to Find God In the Cave
Soli Deo Life

Invitation to Find God In the Cave

Invitation to Find God In the Cave

Invitation To Thirst For God

Invitation to Soli Deo Life

Welcome to soli Deo life,

What if you no longer had to worry about how people perceived you, and you had the freedom to just be who you were made to be? And what if, in that freedom, you were compelled to grow and to become the best version of yourself; but without the awareness that others were watching, or without being shaped by how others think you should be? 

How could living without this self-awareness even become a reality in the interconnected, media-driven world in which we live? Too often, we find ourselves distracted with a desire to know how others are responding to our presentation of ourselves, and hoping our presentation results in a “like.”


Now imagine instead, of living our lives so entirely focused on the righteous glory of God that we simply lose our awareness of the gaze of others? What if we, like the earthly king David, become so desirous of the pleasure of God that we strip off the outer layers of our own self-image and live our lives in a beautiful but radical dance before the audience of One with “all our might” (2 Samuel 6:14) and unabashed freedom. Oh, and then imagine inviting others of like focus to join the dance, each bringing their varied personalities, gifts and talents to create a living, moving mosaic of praise. This is soli deo life—a life lived in community with the solitary purpose of worshiping God alone.


Of course, even as the words of that description echo to silence, we are left with an awareness of the daily struggle each of us face as we practically endeavor to live with God’s glory as our singular focus. The distractions in our world are many, our hearts can grow faint, and sometimes we need a gentle reminder to point us back to the One who is all in all.  The creativity you find here on Soli Deo Life flows from one community’s desire to remind each other that all of life can and should be poured out as an offering to God and lived in unimaginable intimacy, abundance and joy with the One longing to know us.


If you are reading this, you are welcome in this community. Join with us as we seek to live for His glory alone! And if you find imperfections in the creative expressions you see here, may they be a reminder and an encouragement that we haven’t yet arrived but are willing to be vulnerable as we grow in the craft of our expression. The desire of our community here at Soli Deo Life is to unabashedly share our worship and perhaps, in sharing, point others to Christ alone—the One who is worthy.


Soli deo

Von Newcomb

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